... the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or tricks.
- Leo Burnett

I like clear advertising, promotion goals, strong design, and creative marketing strategies, executed well. There. I said it.

Success with advertising is like winning an easy board game- only it takes longer. And the game changes itself overnight, so don't be shy.

My team approach to promoting any business begins with a goal, an increase in a measured, already-existing number or figure. I am this way because my success used to be measured by the number of column inches I could generate, percentage increases in sales and - maybe my favorite - by number of 'butts-in-seats' .

It's always been fun, I like to work hard, and have had opportunities to work with top companies and leaders all over the country. CLIENT LIST

Learned promoting in my 20's in publicity for Bruce Springsteen, U2, The Rolling Stones and more. That led to media in Colorado, where I learned sales and became a VP with a CBS affiliate with over 100 employees. There, I helped an $11 million branch generate $23 Million in eighteen months. It was here where I developed a process I now call Envisioneering.

Started SCORE Marketing. My first client was a startup company - I was nervous - generated a million dollars revenue in six months. I've developed promotions for Coke, Pepsi, Honda, Vail, dozens more and flown giant pigs over cities to start people talking.

In 2008, moved to Los Angeles and changed the name to Lone Wolf PR. It's a leaner version of my Colorado firm, consulting mostly, and exploring the talents of freelancers and ad agencies to create deliverables, globally.

Ten years in L.A. It's so fun here. I've written, produced and directed a thousand commercials, several full-length productions, a documentary, live shows, and negotiated many large-scale media contracts.

Helping business generate sales results is fun to me. From what I've seen, business ownsers sense their next step, and my only talent is uncovering it, then shining a bright light on it with employees, plans, metrics and media.

If you need to dramatically increase sales or develop existing categories, I can help. It's usually just one idea away. An idea you probably can't think of because you're busy running a business.

Promoting businesses is an art. I like enjoy anything creative; performing, leaving funny voicemails and Actor-volunteering with Young Storytellers, a writing program for 5th graders in L.A.

Also writing with pens on yellow pads. There. I said it.

I wish you tons of success.


Dan Wiley

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