... the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or tricks.
- Leo Burnett



Our mission is to help grow your business by creating and negotiating turn-key, efficient, effective ad plans in traditional and unconventional mediums.

We ask direct questions, suggest decisive recommendations to either build upon or create market awareness that cuts through clutter in any ad landscape.

We shamelessly promote businesses; handle details, turn around quickly, and save you money. From banners across skyskrapers, catchy jingles or tv ads, to buying cross-platform media or skywriters- we've got ideas.

With content, we use the media's own software as our leverage in strategic ad placement, allowing us to offer more advertising impressions at a lower investment; as much as 70 percent more ads for the same price.

It's 2017, so we have worldwide access to the best talent. And have our own production studio which lowers costs on Video, Greenscreen, Music, Special Effects, Audio Identity and TV-related production.

We are less than five, full-time employees. Our one-stop shop saves time, resources and helps clients stay effective and memorable.


I want to help you. With marketing strategy. We'll figure out what works and what doesn't.

Left a VP position at CBS in 2001 to start an agency of some kind. Had been in media for 15 years, where I learned to double revenue so my confidence was high when I started SCORE Marketing in Denver, CO.

One client roster later in 2008, I closed shop and moved to Los Angeles, freelanced (really? starting over at 40?), worked for a company that sells traffic sponsorships- and finally caved to my entrepreneurial spirt and opened Lone Wolf PR.

Originally it was a publicity and marketing company relying on my contacts in the music industry as a Publicist for Michael Jackson, U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and dozens more.

IBy now I've produced and directed over a thousand commercials and negotiated billions of dollars in contracts. I've also flown giant pigs over stadiums, and almost taken out the satellites for a whole city's cable TV.

I've developed promotions for Coke, Pepsi, Honda, Vail, and dozens of top companies and generated audience awareness for start-ups, mid-size and one-store shops. It's all the same: getting attention that help increase sales.


I'm also a fan of sales process anywhere i find it- ticketing, fast-food, and believe that internal operations are the secret to all effective external marketing.

I love watching commercials, reading banner ads, billboards (man, do I have opinions about this one), magazines, bathroom stall ads- ok enough.

I shy away from lingo or jargon unless I'm in a roomful of ad execs. To me, advertising is anthropologic ; challenging the way different segments of a population respond or don't to marketing in a certain time and climate.

Also? Having an airtight plan before I spend a dime works for me. If you're a client who thinks advertising works overnight I'm not a fit. It does work almost overnight, but not without a clear strategy and executable plan.

Outside of promoting businesses. I enjoy comedy, acting, harrassing my kids, volunteering, producing, directing, improvisation and music.

I want to help your business become a recognizable, household name.

Let's meet.

Dan Wiley

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