... the art is in getting noticed naturally, without screaming or tricks.
- Leo Burnett


Dear reader. The following is dull and factual. It's a million words and it could've been sixty-four. I'm

Still a student of great marketing, love it and now there's more of it than ever. To me, success with advertising is guaranteed if you have several elements locked in place. It's almost like a board game- only it takes longer.

Left a VP position at CBS in 2001after helping acheive $23 Million (from 11MM) in eighteen months. Wanted to start an agency after media for 15 years. I started SCORE Marketing in Colorado.

Developed promotions for Coke, Pepsi, Honda, Vail, and dozens of top companies. Generated audience awareness for start-ups, mid-size and humble one-location businesses.

n 2008, closed shop and moved to Los Angeles. I swore I'd never have another agency and, naturally, freelancing became Lone Wolf PR.

Originally it was a publicity and marketing company relying on my contacts in the music industry as former Publicist to Michael Jackson, U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and dozens more.

By now as a Creative Executive, I've written, produced and directed over a thousand commercials, several full-length productions, both live and taped. and negotiated dozens of multi-million dollar contracts. Promotions include flying giant pigs over stadiums and nearly taking out all cable TV in Denver by accident (with a giant inflatable pig).

Helping people generate killer marketing results is fun to me. If you don't have time, I can help save you some. I once re-directed the advertising efforts (i do this a lot) of a start-up and they made a million dollars in six months. I like helping people win and have some great success letters from clients.


Products and sales can't live independently. My approach is equal parts 'show' and 'business' in everything I do.

I watch all the commercials, devour banner ads online, have lots of opinions and history with each ad medium and will probably suggest you wrap something gigantic in vinyl. Or give out free matches, hey- they can't all be perfect, that's why I need your brain.

I'm direct, jargon-free and act like advertising is anthropologic ; challenging the way different segments of a population respond or don't to marketing claims in a certain time and climate.

Also? Having an airtight plan before I start to work is essential... how else could anything completely fall apart later, right?

Outside of promoting businesses. I enjoy comedy, acting, visiting with my grown kids, volunteering, producing, directing, improvisation and music.

I wish you tons of success.


Dan Wiley

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